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Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is the winged messenger of the gods in Roman mythology (Hermes in Greek mythology). It is the second fastest moving planet in the solar system, with the most frequent “retrograde” action (apparent moving backwards) of all the planets within a year. It is never more than 28° from the Sun. It represents how we communicate and process information, short journeys (i.e. places familiar to you), teaching & learning (pre-university), commerce, and the conscious mind. How you speak, write, listen, seek information, travel, trade, and interact with people is expressed through Mercury, as it governs our immediate logic and reasoning, how we think, and how we express our thought processes and movements.

Mercury provides clarity of thought without emotional interference (objectivity), youth, nimbleness, swiftness, keen commercial ability, and dissemination of information. Cousins, siblings, neighbors, clients, vendors, friends, and acquaintances are represented by Mercury in your chart. Mercury rules the nervous system (physical nerves), the brain (namely, thinking and analysis), the lungs (including the bronchus and lower respiratory tract), the upper limbs (shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers), the tongue, and esophagus, dexterity, and coordination. The placement of Mercury in the natal chart by sign, house, and aspect determines how the potential of how your communication with others, curiosity, and coordination is expressed. In non-natal charts (horary, mundane, etc.),

Mercury can represent your immediate neighborhood, the people in it, short trips, small businesses, cars, traffic, and data. At its best, Mercury represents clarity, good health, youth, progress, smooth travel, and positive trade. At its worst, Mercury expresses tricks, scams, get-rich-quick schemes, lies, traffic jams, mixed signals, gossip, nervousness, anxiety, bad coordination, and respiratory infections. When retrograde, Mercury can manifest as traffic jams, commute detours, data loss, miscommunication, misunderstandings, communication blackouts, and insomnia.

Author: Cindy Mckean


Mercury in Astronomy

About the planet Mercury

Surface Composition

42% Oxygen
29% Sodium
22% Hydrogen
6% Helium
0.5% Potassium

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