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Pluto in Astrology

In astrology, Pluto is considered a planet and is the furthest planet in our known solar system, symbolizing the boundary between a soul’s abodes. Pluto is represents transformation through death and rebirth, or intense life experiences which forces a person to undergo a process of tremendous change before moving on.

It is symbolic of the intangible, esoteric, and metaphysical such as shadows, phantoms, ghosts, spirits, the unseen, and unknown side of life. Pluto in the chart is expressed as polar magnetism (love or hate), power plays, financial transformation for better or worse, and the ability to survive intense life-changing experiences. It can also bring psychological abilities, an innate ability with the occult subjects, tantric sexual experiences, and emergence of a new self. Pluto manifests as resilience. In the body, it rules the pancreas, metabolism, elimination (lower bowels), wastes, and mind-over-matter.

Pluto rules transformation, degeneration with regeneration, coercion, hidden forces, sex, extremes, elimination, reform, and power plays. The placement of Pluto in the natal chart by sign, house, and aspect determines how the potential of how your soul’s regenerative powers is expressed. In non-natal charts (horary, mundane, etc.), Pluto represents catastrophes and major disasters, death and fear of death, the occult (i.e. the hidden), the political underground, organized crime, forensics, caves, fossil fuels, and refuse and wastes of all kind. At its best, Pluto gives one the ability to accurately analyze problems, allows for financial well-being, powerful but fair authority, and healthy rebound abilities with mind, body, and life events. At its worst, Pluto exhibits an insatiable desire for power and winning at all costs, cruelty, sadism, manipulation, and self-destructive tendencies.

Author: Cindy Mckean


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98% Nitrogen
.25% Methane
.025% Carbon Monoxide
.0001% Ethylene
.0003% Acetylene

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