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Saturn in Astrology

Saturn, a planet characterized by having rings around it, is the most distant planet that can be seen with the naked eye and is considered the boundary of the “natural” solar system. Saturn is a gatekeeper in that before a person can move on to the domain beyond the material world (i.e. the realm of the mystery or outer planets), it makes sure a person has completed all the required lessons from this abode and is ready to move to more esoteric realms.

Thus, Saturn represents structure, discipline, barriers, limitations, time, old age and aging, maturity, loss, contraction, self-discipline, and restraint. It is expressed through hard work and rewards for that hard work in the long-term. Saturn can bind one’s emotions and give them a thicker skin to external hardships and struggles in order to keep one focused on goals and reaching benchmarks. Elderly people, grandparents, older mentors, police or authority, and government officials are represented by Saturn.

The rules and regulations imposed on us by our authority figures that may have limited our upward mobility but forced us to learn our lessons thoroughly to reach full maturation is also ruled by the ringed planet. In our body, Saturn rules the skin, hair, teeth, bones, joints, knees, spleen, sleep (circadian rhythm), sarcasm, and fortitude. The placement of Saturn in the natal chart by sign, house, and aspect determines how disciplined your ability is to achieve long-term goals. In non-natal charts (horary, mundane, etc.), Saturn rules epidemics and cures, metals and minerals, scientific research, farm work, the ritual and formality of funerals, graduation, public office and government formalities, and core foundations. At its best, Saturn manifests as discipline, focus, self-awareness, retooling, great ability for long-term planning, and beneficial weight loss. At its worst, Saturn manifests as depression, fatigue or lack of energy, messiness/lack of self-discipline, pessimism, being overly-critical, and excess stress.

Author: Cindy Mckean


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