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The Sun in Astrology

The Sun is the primary luminary and centerpiece of our solar system. It is the main source of light and life on Earth. From the astrological perspective, it lends to ability, essence, spirit, and development. The Sun represents your basic conscious identity, self, your life purpose, creativity, and your vitality. How you see authority and how you express your authority comes through the Sun. The Sun shows the core of your potential and what you need to learn in this life. The Sun also represents the father, father-figure, or authority in your chart, as well as how you may be as an authority figure. As a provider of light, the light cast by the Sun provides consciousness and self-awareness.

The Sun expresses how and where you shine, depending on where it is in your chart. The placement of the Sun in the natal chart by sign, house, and aspect determines how the potential of how your Sun overall identity is expressed. The Sun rules the heart, the solar plexus, and central chest area - the breath of life. Keywords associated with Sun qualities are: creativity, source, light, vitality, ego, will, father/father-figure, identity, development, optimism, and consciousness.

At its best, the Sun exhibits great leadership, initiative, self-esteem, generosity, and enthusiasm. At its worst, the Sun exhibits over-authority, vanity, arrogance, and selfishness. In non-natal charts (horary, mundane, etc.), the Sun represents where you can expect the limelight to shine dispelling shadows, or an exposure or tangible appearance of what was not previously seen.

Author: Cindy Mckean


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