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Behold The Mighty Neptune Of Stan Lee!


Stan Lee, who arguably shaped popular culture more than any other human being in history, has died. He was born December 28th 1922 in New York City. What could possibly show up in a birth chart that would make him such a powerful influence on world culture?

Even without a time of birth, Neptune is clearly important in this chart. Like everyone in his generation, it is in Leo. In stands case though it got a square from Jupiter and a sextile from Saturn, and was the focal point of a weak yod involving his Mercury, Mars, and Uranus.

Stan was a master of creating characters with incredible super powers but with believable and relatable experiences. Spider-Man could stop a bank robbery but had to make sure he got home on time so that Aunt May could take her medication. The Fantastic Four regularly saved Earth but bickered as any family will do. Iron Man had it all but still wrestled with alcoholism. The X-Men were heroes but couldn’t get the respect they deserved because they were born different from others. Bruce Banner never managed to graduate from Anger Management class.

These characters, and so many more of his creations, will of course live on. He lived to 95, which is a good age. But you know what? I mentally prepared myself for this day and this blog entry for about a decade now, but the sense of loss is still too real. Stan Lee dying is like half my toy box vanishing — and a lot of you out there will feel much the same way.

So if you don’t mind, I’ll just end  this the way Stan would have:



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He also predicted that yes, you WOULD end up here reading this.