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Big News Of 2019 – Jupiter Square Neptune And The Bird Box Challenge


One of the biggest aspects affecting the world in 2019 is Jupiter square Neptune, which will be in effect for much of the year. Neither Jupiter nor Neptune have the reputation for being the most realistic of planets, but what happens when you connect them with a square?

Both Jupiter and Neptune have a lot to do with belief systems, religious or spiritual or otherwise. Both can be a source of excessive behavior. Because of the nature of these two planets, this aspect is perhaps best discussed by using an analogy.

I’ve had a hard time describing how the effect might play out… until Netflix gave us Bird Box.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bird Box, it is probably the biggest entertainment phenomenon of the year so far. Netflix doesn’t normally release viewership figures, but they announced that it had over 42 million views in its first week. To put that in perspective, those are the kind of numbers that Black Panther is pulling.

Clearly, Bird Box is a big deal. So naturally I decided to give it a shot myself. And I discovered that, with as few spoilers as possible… and at the risk of alienating those of you who loved it…

Bird Box is about an unsympathetic protagonist who is surrounded by generic cardboard cutout characters who are rapidly killed off by a mysterious unseen force that makes people go insane (unless those people were criminally insane in the first place, in which they become sane enough to become even more homicidal lunatics then they were previously). If you look directly at this unseen menace, you die. At least those are the rules the monster in question seems to follow, but it’s never clearly explained. The plot generally goes nowhere and ends at a fairly boring destination. It comes across as if it was written entirely by computer algorithms designed to appeal to people. And it is hugely popular despite the obvious flaws.

(cough) Just like the algorithms that influence the news stories and opinions you see on Facebook (cough)

So naturally it’s a huge hit.

Oh, and it has spawned the Bird Box Challenge, which involves people on YouTube doing stupid and potentially dangerous things while blindfolded.

So:  take that basic principle and apply it to politics and religions and belief systems in the real world.

Yeah. Looks like 2019 might be sort of nuts…

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