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Talking To Your Child About Mercury Retrograde

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If your child has been experimenting with astrology, undoubtedly he or she has some concerns about Mercury retrograde. This can be an unsettling and even frightening subject for a child to discover. Fortunately, there are ways to discuss this with your child without making things worse.

Here are some sample questions and answers.

Mommy, what is Mercury retrograde?

A few times every year, from our perspective on Earth, the other planets in our solar system appear to go backwards. That’s what we mean by retrograde.

Will it hurt?

Silly! No it won’t. it’s just a special time when we need to be more careful than usual with some things.

Where and when is the next Mercury retrograde?

It happens at the far end of Pisces, and it starts on March 5th. It gets all the way up to 17 degrees Pisces and starts to go forward on March 28th. There is also what is called The Shadow Period, which has already started and leads up to the retrograde… so we could already be feeling the effects of this Mercury retrograde.

What will Mercury retrograde do to us Mommy?

Not much, really but we will need to be careful with things that Mercury rules, like communications and the things we say and short trips and signing agreements and things like that.

Then why do people worry about Mercury retrograde?

People sometimes get worried about things they shouldn’t. Don’t be afraid. Odds are very small that anything bad will come of it. Unless of course you keep bugging me and asking questions and don’t go to bed, otherwise you might give Mommy a headache and she may sign the wrong section on her insurance forms and not have medical coverage when she’s driving you to school and we get in a horrible accident and we don’t get treatment and I die and you spend the rest of your life in an orphanage, or worse. Now good night honey. Mommy loves you.

Mommy, I’m scared!

Ha! You think you’re scared now? Wait until you find out about Saturn. Now go to sleep! Mommy needs to start drinking.

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