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The Weekly Sky: Astrology For December 3-9, 2018


The most important aspect happening in the sky this week isn’t exact until Friday, but it casts an influence over all of this week and next week as well.

Mars conjunct Neptune is a combination of two very different energies. Mars is all about drive and ambition and sex, whereas Neptune is kind of soft and fuzzy and vague and occasionally a little weird. In some ways, putting the two of them together is a little like Venus conjunct Mars. That particular aspect can make for a lot of charm and grace, and frankly can make people fall into bed more often with someone, whether it’s the right person or not. Or, maybe more than one someone. Hey, who am I to judge?

When it’s a Mars and Neptune get together though? There is an extra hazy cloud of romanticism surrounding your drives, sexual or otherwise. it also carries with it an avid potential for getting involved with the wrong person in the wrong way at the wrong time. Handled wisely though, it’s a good time for all involved.

If there is anything in your life you would like to see change in the next month, Friday also brings that opportunity with a New Moon in Sagittarius. Set your intentions and make your goal reasonable to reach, and you will be more likely to be successful. This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter. This means that, all else being equal, luck is a little more likely to be on your side. If nothing else, it should make for a Friday that feels particularly good. And who doesn’t like that?

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