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The Weekly Sky: Astrology For November 26 – December 2, 2018


For fancy ruleth, though right say nay
Even as the goodman kissed his cow,
None other reason can ye lay
But as who sayeth ‘I reck not how’.

-Sir Thomas Wyatt

The big aspect making a difference in many people’s lives this week is Venus opposite Uranus. Venus, as you may recall, has just recently come off of its retrograde and it will enter Scorpio next Sunday, where it has not been since early September. Love lives may not have run entirely smoothly recently, but now is the time to start changing that — with a kick!

Normally, Venus in Libra is a safe and stable time for your affections. But, Venus opposite Uranus? That will lay the groundwork for a lot of potential romantic excitement. Yes, I know, “excitement” sounds like a good thing. But “excitement” is inherently unpredictable, and if your love life needs a little shaking up this is an ideal aspect for getting things moving. However, if you are trying to make your love like more stable (or stick to a budget or your diet) this could be a problematic week for you..

New and unusual attractions are more possible at this time, and before you leap into something strange and different, you might want to use your head. On the one hand, that will be easier now that Neptune has gone direct — your hopes and dreams are a little less likely to turn out to be mere delusions. either way though, be careful how you communicate your intentions and who you communicate them to. Mercury is still retrograde, and that’s rarely good news when it comes to getting your point across properly. Meanwhile, Jupiter is approaching the conjunction to Mercury. Remember that saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is bad enough… but shouting it could make things much worse.

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