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Venus Planet Name
Αφροδίτη (Afrodíti) Greek Name
225 days Transit Duration
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Venus in Astrology

Venus is the second-brightest planet in the night sky, after the Moon. It does not exceed more than 48° away from the Sun and is tied to our ego (Sun) like an emotional radar. Venus represents love, beauty, femininity, harmony, values, amorous proclivities, creativity, sex (intimacy), and how we make and spend money. It is expressed as love, falling in love, how we ornament ourselves, what we choose to buy, our gastronomic and amorous cravings, our indulgences, and how creative we are.

Venus can endow one with appeal, creativity flair, artistic ability, and tactfulness. It represents lovers, marriage partners, and business partners. Venus is expressed by how we love, how we approach others, and how we react to others. It can manifest as how we seek comforts, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, wealth, as well as our personal style and how we care for our environment and those close to us.

Tied to our senses, Venus rules the neck (namely the neck shape, the thyroid, vocal cords, and voice box), chin, lips, taste buds, ear drums, olfactory sense, and kidneys. In non-natal charts, Venus (horary, mundane, etc.), Venus can represent women, love affairs, gifts, recreation, the arts, and diplomatic tendencies. At its best, Venus is captivating, forgiving, facilitates the joys of life, is harmonious, artistic, and diplomatic. At its worst, Venus is expressed as overdoing, laziness, excessiveness, discord, and disagreements.

Author: Cindy Mckean


Venus in Astronomy

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Atmospheric Composition

96.5% Carbon Dioxide
3.2% Nitrogen
.2% Sulfur Dioxide
.15% Argon
.05% Carbon Monoxide

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