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The Weekly Sky: Astrology For January 21-27, 2019


Have you ever had a sudden, irrational impulse to buy something you couldn’t afford, or saw something so delicious you had to break your diet, or went ahead and fell in love with someone you knew was probably going to be bad news?

Odds are good that it didn’t work out for you one way or another. But you got to admit it was fun at the time, right?

Astrologically, you face the potential for something like that next week. Jupiter square Neptune (click here to read my previous article about it) is in full effect now. That’s making things more than a little confusing for everyone. So let’s throw in your appetite, your budget, and your love life, shall we?

Venus is passing through the middle degrees of Sagittarius right now. This week, it will be both conjunct Jupiter and square Neptune.

Venus is the natural ruler of all things romantic and budgetary and sugary — free things a lot of people could stand to get a grip on. That’s won’t be so easy this week. Jupiter conjunct Venus wants what It wants and often doesn’t care about the long-term circumstances. Appetites, both literal and figurative, are likely to be turned up to 11.

While all this is happening, Venus will also be square Neptune. That combination is incredibly seductive, but comes with zero degree of practicality or common sense. There is a strong potential for you or someone near you to get caught with a hand in the cookie jar — literally or figuratively.

So: be careful of beautiful illusions this week. On the other hand though, temptation is so… tempting… isn’t it? And you have to be feeling those feelings for a reason, right? Heck, when I think about it, some of the best times I’ve ever had were —

Oh, right. One more thing: beware the urge to talk yourself into a bad idea just because it sounds like fun.

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