AstroloGeeks™ - The complete solution for everything Astrology!


AstroloGeeks - The world's most accurate astrology chart calculator using the power of Google Maps!

The complete solution for everything Astrology

  • Calculate charts with exact geo-location using the power of Google Maps.
  • Manage birth records safely on the AstroCloud™ and never lose your charts again!
  • Network with astrologers and astrology lovers on our social platform.
  • Get free personalized generated reports for all of your charts.
  • Send/Receive friend and love requests based on astrology with AstroLink™!
  • Shop for astrology merchandise and downloadables!
  • Stream thought-provoking videos right from our iPlanetarium™ or access our live webshow... from any device!

Kickstarter Launch

Pledge to our Kickstarter and unlock exclusive membership rewards for life! Help us speed up development, produce videos much faster and expand to the next level. Get access to the iPlanetarium, video horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs, stream the Live Web Show and so much more. Pay only once and get access to premium features for a lifetime! This is an ultra rare opportunity, so unlock your rewards now!


ALL of our cutting edge services are available at your fingertips anywhere you go, from ANY device!


With the power of Google Maps it is the world's most accurate astrology chart calculator using pinpoint geolocation!

Store & Access

Store and edit your clients, family and friends on your very own personal cloud from any device!


Connect with others around the world! Meet friends and love interests based on your personal astrology with AstroLink™.


Export your client database or download your astrology reports in PDF.


AstroCloud™ comes with free & premium themes so your experience is unique and fits your personality.

Customize Interpretations

Customize and write your own interpretations to create reports for personal or business use with AstroCloud™ Premium


Meet friends and love matches based on YOUR PERSONAL HOROSCOPE!!

 As part of the AstroCloud social network, we have invented a one of a kind feature that finally allows people to meet each other based on astrological compatibility. THAT'S RIGHT, make friends (and lovers) based on YOUR PERSONAL ASTROLOGY! This feature is intended to create long lasting and impressionable relationships based on the planets between two people. And the best part? THIS FEATURE IS NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL KICKSTARTER SUPPORTERS!


The complete index of planetary transits, written by professional astrologers.


Watch unlimited HD astrology videos.

From the rise of civilization, to the fall of Rome, to the cosmos behind it all, wander through our universe of captivating & thought-provoking original content.

Kickstarter Rewards

UPDATE: ALL Kickstarter supporters get access to Astrolink™!
Pay only ONCE and keep that membership level FOR LIFE!


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