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Astrology And Prediction, Part Two: Getting It (Mostly) Wrong


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Last time, I discussed the whole business of using astrology to make predictions about future events. As an example, I referred to a recent blog entry here where I made a correct (if someone softball) set of predictions about the Oscars this year.

Today, I’d like to illustrate the same point I was making last time about prediction and common sense, except this time I’ll be using an example of a prediction of mine that didn’t pan out.


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away — actually, it was May 2010 in Canada — I had my own personal blog. The big news then was Uranus entering Aries, and I felt compelled to join in with what was a popular sport at the time among astrologers: making big predictions about what Uranus in Aries would bring.

I was all excited by this event, and I completely forgot about the principles of using common sense when making predictions. So I went out on a limb and predicted that Uranus in Aries would give us confirmation of life somewhere in the universe other than on Earth. I didn’t say specifically it was some scenario involving a UFO landing at the United Nations building or anything. I thought it was a lot more likely that we would get confirmation of life on another planet from a Mars Rover or a radio telescope or something like that.

Uranus leaves Aries for good next week. I’m not seeing any UFOs landing anywhere, are you?

In my defense, I will point out that in the intervening time we have found much more solid evidence of the potential for life on other worlds than we had before. And of course, there was this thing that happened.

But still, no cigar.

In conclusion: if you are reading this and you are an extraterrestrial, you’ve got six days to drop by and collect your free reading from me. Make sure everyone sees you!

NEXT TIME: Will I apply common sense when I make my big prediction about Uranus in Taurus? You be the judge!

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