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Astrology And The Public Undoing Of Michael Jackson (Part One)

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In the last couple of years we have all become familiar with powerful men who have engaged in sexual misconduct, yet that have taken a long time to reach a threshold value to destroy their public recognition. Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein come to mind… with R Kelly in the works and Bryan Singer to follow along shortly behind.

Tonight, it’s Michael Jackson’s turn.

The first of a two-part documentary about Michael Jackson will air tonight at 8 PM Eastern on HBO. Leaving Neverland is the story of two men who claim to have been molested by Michael Jackson when they were kids. These rumors have circulated around Michael Jackson for years but nothing had ever really been proven, and this is the first time his victims have come forward in such a public way.

But why is this happening now? Surely the hammer of public opinion should have come down on this a long time ago. As is always the case, it’s more than just one difficult transit bringing about that result: it is the preponderance of transits coming together.

There has been some dispute about Michael Jackson’s time of birth, but looking at the transits now it seems pretty obvious the 7:33 PM time of birth provided by his astrologer (the late great Chakrapani Ullal) is correct. Transiting Jupiter is on Jackson’s Midheaven, and that transit naturally bring public attention… but not necessarily the kind of attention. Transiting Neptune is conjunct Jackson’s natal Moon and is square his Midheaven.

When it comes to a person’s karmic connections, we usually look at the North and South Nodes of the Moon. Transiting Pluto and the South Node are currently conjunct, and both of them are square the Nodes in Michael Jackson’s birth chart. That implies a drastic turn of events related to Michael’s social circle and/or the people he was connected to.

There is a lot more that can be said about Michael Jackson, his birth chart, and his transits. I will be saving that for Part Two of this blog entry, which I’ll be publishing after Part Two of the Leaving Neverland documentary airs.

In the meantime: prepare to have your heart broken. There is more to this story than you’ve heard yet, and none of it is good.

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