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Astrology And The Public Undoing Of Michael Jackson (Part Two)

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Now that the full horror of Michael Jackson’s pedophilia is common knowledge, can we see it in the birth chart? Well, yes and no.

Cops and astrologers should both be aware that there is a big difference between suspicion and proof. It’s always easy to look at someone’s birth chart once you know who they are and what they’ve been up to and then see the signs of what you already know is there.

There are certain distinct indicators that, at the very least, Michael Jackson might have had a hard time controlling his sexual impulses. Venus conjunct Uranus square Mars in his birth chart implies a strong sex drive, and the conjunction with Uranus makes things unusual. Venus is also the ruler of Michael Jackson’s 8th House, and that’s another vote for a sex drive that is not easily contained.

But, as is always the case, there is a difference between the birth chart and what the individual does with it. Your means of transportation may somewhat dictate your destination, but you’re still the one who chooses to take that trip.


So what can I tell you with absolute certainty about Michael Jackson?

I lived for a couple of years in San Francisco. As you may know, it’s the kind of town where there are a lot of street festivals. One thing I always took great delight in is that whenever the DJ played a Michael Jackson song, everyone danced. Old, young, white, black, straight, gay — everyone. Michael Jackson’s music brought people together and it was beautiful.

I can now tell you with absolute certainty that my happiness around those memories of this phenomenon have been taken away. And I can tell you that loss is absolutely nothing compared to what was taken from Wade Robson and James Safechuck when they were little boys.

Damn you, Michael Jackson.

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