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BREAKING NEWS: An Astrologer Refuses To Make Any Oscar Predictions

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I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the idea that astrologers may actually be human beings who have an inherent bias on certain subjects. If you read a lot of stuff about astrology on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly come across political commentaries from some astrologers. I call these “commentaries” because, regardless of your political beliefs or mine, it’s usually pretty obvious when you read the work of any given astrologer writing about politics how he or she votes. Sure, that’s all fine and well, but when it comes to making predictions, personal bias usually gets in the way. So for similar reasons, I am publicly keeping my mouth shut about a very important subject: tonight’s Oscars.

Think all the way back to the1992 Academy Awards. I wasn’t writing for the internet back then, but if I had been I would have done numerous public victory laps over my prediction. No one in their right mind who knows the Oscars would have predicted that a horror movie released in February would win Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director.

But then the awards were handed out, and I spent the next three months telling everyone about my prediction that The Silence of the Lambs would win. Yeah, I got pretty obnoxious about it. I was pretty much convinced that I was Oscar Nostradamus. Of course, next year, Unforgiven won when I was convinced that The Crying Game would take it. So much for Oscar Nostradamus!

The chart for this year’s Oscar ceremony has some interesting features to it, but nothing that you couldn’t have come up with without knowing any astrology. Jupiter in Sagittarius square Mercury in Pisces indicates that some speeches will go on a little too long, and there may be some technical glitches. Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune indicates someone will be waving their personal beliefs around. Uranus in Aries trine the ascendant in late Leo at the beginning of the show indicates there will be a lot of glitz and glamor.

So really, nothing you need to be an astrologer to predict happening here. I won’t be making any public pronouncements about who is most likely to win. All I know for sure is that if Alfonso Cuaron doesn’t win for Best Director, I’m going to have some serious questions. Now be quiet and pass the popcorn.

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