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Language Lessons For The Twelve Signs: Aquarius

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(There are those who will tell you that “astrology is a language.” If you know much about languages, you know that sometimes one language will come up with a word or phrase for a unique concept that other languages haven’t caught onto — but maybe should have. In that spirit, we present this series.)

The Sign: Aquarius (January 19-February 20)

The Word: Thethuthinnang (Lapine)

Meaning: “The movement of leaves”


AQUARIUS: (talking on phone) You know, I was looking at my activity on the Internet earlier today. Not just my activity, but everyone’s activity. We’re all so busy yelling at each other and spreading falsehoods that agree with our own belief systems, that things look like they are really a mess.

But you know, the more I looked at it, the more sense it seemed to make. In a bigger picture science kind of way, anyway. It reminded me of a word in the Lapine language. That was the language that author Richard Adams invented for his book Watership Down. Did you ever read it? Really incredibly complex, and not just for children. Anyway, there’s this word in Lapine: Thethuthinnang. It refers to the movement of leaves.

Have you ever watched leaves moving in the wind? You might think it’s random, but it isn’t. Not at all! It all follows a higher order, even though it isn’t predictable. And I think that’s what humanity is evolving towards, and the current mess of life on the Internet is just a side effect of that. You see? Thethuthinnang. It looks like a mess, but it isn’t. Not at all. There’s a Higher Order to it all.

VOICE ON PHONE: I’m sorry, I don’t understand. If there is an issue with your Internet bill, please press one. If there is a technical problem with your Internet service, please press two. If you want to move your Internet service, or sign up for new Internet service, please press three…

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