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Language Lessons For The Twelve Signs: Leo

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(There are those who will tell you that “astrology is a language.” If you know much about languages, you know that sometimes one language will come up with a word or phrase for a unique concept that other languages haven’t caught onto — but maybe should have. In that spirit, we present this series.)

The Sign: Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The Word: Gigil (Filipino)

Meaning: The overwhelming urge to pinch someone or something on the cheek because you think he/she/it is almost unbearably cute.


(LEO is walking though the mall and approaches a woman pushing a small baby in a stroller. LEO runs up to the infant and pinches its cheek)

WOMAN: Stop that!!

LEO: Sorry, I just can’t help it — the gigil!

(LEO walks on and passes a pet shop, with puppies and kittens in the window. LEO squeals with delight and enters the pet shop. After a minute, LEO is ejected by an angry pet shop EMPLOYEE)

EMPLOYEE: Get out of here or I’m going to call security!

LEO: Sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself — oh, the gigil!

(LEO continues through the mall and then encounters a YOUNG COUPLE, clearly in love, sitting on a bench and cuddling each other and giggling. LEO stops to consider this for a moment and then collapses into a sobbing heap on the floor)

YOUNG COUPLE: What’s wrong??

LEO: (wailing with grief) Why does no one feel gigil about ME??

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