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Language Lessons For The Twelve Signs: Taurus

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(There are those who will tell you that “astrology is a language.” If you know much about languages, you know that sometimes one language will come up with a word or phrase for a unique concept that other languages haven’t caught onto — but maybe should have. In that spirit, we present this series.)

The Sign: Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The Word: Hygge (Danish) (pronounced “hoo-gah”)

Meaning:: Have you ever found yourself somewhere, your home or a friend’s home or somewhere else, where you find yourself completely surrounded by a sense of comfort and warmth and general happy contentment? That’s hygge for you, and it is the state of being that many a Taurus seeks, even if they don’t have a word for it.


FRIEND: Hi, glad you could make it! Come on in and have a seat.

TAURUS: Nice place you’ve got here. Oh, I like your couch!

(Taurus sits on the couch and slowly sinks in. A strange look becomes frozen on Taurus’ face, a combination of the sort of bliss you normally see under anesthesia with just a hint of surprise.)

TAURUS: (after a long pause) So… comfortable. Can’t… move…

FRIEND: The hygge, it has you now. The remote control is to your left, next to the snack dispenser. Enjoy!

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