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The Weekly Sky: Astrology For December 10-16, 2018


Good news for lovers of love (and creature comforts and sugar cookies) this week! After some less than prize-winning predicaments in the last few weeks, Venus is gaining ground on the territory she lost after the retrograde.

This week, Venus sextile Saturn will give all of us the opportunity to get our acts together as far as the affirmation Venus ruled things in our lives. The exact aspect happens on Wednesday, and just for bonus points? After that, Venus goes on to approach the trine to Neptune. That aspect could prove to make the sweeter and dreamier things in your life even more alluring than usual.

Be a little cautious in your romantic dealings and with your spending, though. Although the aspect is not exact until next month, Jupiter square Neptune is slowly approaching. that combination comes with a warning against excess, whether it’s emotional, material, or even philosophically. What’s more, Mars is fairly strongly aspected right now. A separating conjunction to Neptune is making the drives and ambitions a little unrealistic, and an approaching sextile to Pluto is making those drives and ambitions more likely to achieve results.

Now: is all that a good idea or a bad one? Depends on whether or not you let Venus sextile Saturn take your mind off the wisdom of your goals, I suppose. Or if you give in to the inherent moody unpredictability of Mars in Pisces. Or if you just sit back and let the undefeatable optimism  of Jupiter in Sagittarius do all the driving.

But hey: in the meantime, take time this week to enjoy Venus sextile Saturn. It’s a quietly constructive time that can help you make a lot of your dreams of sweetness come true, or at least make them a little more possible.

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