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The Weekly Sky: Astrology For December 17-23, 2018


Venus trine Neptune is in effect this week, and it can make for warm feelings and fresh opportunities for love and affection. Meanwhile, Mars sextile Uranus is the reigning aspect this week, and it brings a chance to chip away at life’s big obstacles, to get around resistance, and to finally get That Big Project started.

That might sound great, but: you know what those two aspects have in common? The trine and the sextile don’t smack you in the face to let you know they are happening, the same way a big loud square or a flashy conjunction does. You need to be conscious of the energy of a trine or sextile to work with it. Otherwise, if you get positive results, it’s more or less by accident.

So: Is there something in your life that needs changing or fixing or brightening or blowing up? This week could be the time to get it done. But this week is also a little like one of my favorite old jokes…


There’s this old guy who goes to the local temple and prays every single day, and he’s been doing it every single day since he was a teenager. And it’s always the same prayer: “oh Lord please let me win the lottery. That’s all I ask of you, Lord. Just let me win the lottery. Just once. Please oh Lord.”

one day when this old guy is walking home the clouds part and God himself appears in the sky. “Hey. Hey you. Lottery Guy.” God says in his booming voice. “You think maybe you could meet me halfway, and buy a ticket?”


So, yes. Venus trine Neptune is wonderfully fuzzy. Mars sextile Pluto is an incredible opportunity to make for some change in your life. But you’ll have to actually make the effort. Go ahead, buy a ticket.

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