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The Weekly Sky: Astrology For December 24-30, 2018


This time of year is filled with so many social demands to “be of good cheer” that it is often, ironically, difficult to do just that. For many, it is a reminder that warm family memories are a long way in the past, or never existed at all. For others, there are unusual economic pressures being felt. For a season that’s supposed to promise renewal, there are a lot of old ghosts hovering over it — even if your surname isn’t Scrooge.

But hey: The Universe hasn’t given up on you, and there will be some sign of that this week. The big aspect happening is Venus sextile Pluto. Venus in Scorpio is incredibly intense about it’s feelings, and Pluto in Capricorn is incredibly intense about… well, everything, pretty much.

When Venus and Pluto are joined in a helpful aspect like the sextile, there is an opportunity to show love and be loved even in the face of social and emotional obstacles like the upcoming holiday week off and provide for us.

One thing The Universe doesn’t particularly care about is whether or not you’ll be saying “Merry Christmas” this week or “Happy Holidays” or “Joyous Kwanzaa” or something else or nothing at all. Whatever the spirit most people are trying to convey when they use those words? The Universe is saying it to you this week. Now, try not to overeat and try not to argue politics with anyone over the dinner table, okay?

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