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The Weekly Sky: Astrology For January 28-February 3, 2019


Crankiness, agitation, and losing your temper with yourself or others is rarely a good idea. Mars is in Aries right now, and that normally implies that there is a handy reserve of energy that way, and is relatively easy to control. Mars rules Aries, so we should be able to keep a pretty good grip on itself, shouldn’t it?

Well, not so fast there, pal. First of all, Mars kind of enjoys a good blow-up now and again, just as much as Venus loves a little overspending. Mars is trine Jupiter this week, and for better or worse that means a stronger (and possibly more volatile) Mars than usual. Again, that doesn’t guarantee an outburst of mayhem… but just as your getting into a bar brawl involves the presence of someone else to throw a punch at, Mars is getting some difficult aspects.

(Note: please avoid bar brawls in general, but especially this week)

Mars is also coming off the square to Saturn, and that implies that there has been a lot of frustration with things. Have you felt that recently? By the end of the week Mars will be square Pluto. You know… Pluto, the planet that rules “plutonium.”

So if you were thinking that this all sounds like something that has been boiling away could suddenly go kaboom, congratulations. You know your astrology!

So please, everyone, be kind to yourself and to others this week. You don’t want to go around making enemies that you don’t need to have. That’s especially the case now and in the next couple of weeks.  Next week Mars keeps moving through Aries and approaches the conjunction to Uranus. You might want to consider putting a helmet on for that…

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