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My Thick And Juicy Uranus In Taurus Prediction!

In a previous entry, I told you all about my big prediction for Uranus in Aries that, at best, only came partially true. I am now older and wiser than I was then, but I’m feeling a little reckless today. So here is my prediction for what we will see with Uranus in Taurus.

You’re going to have to learn a new word first though. The word is shmeat.


There has been an undeniable trend in the last few years to the consumption of less meat in the human diet. Even people who still love a good steak have to admit that the circumstances under which a lot of livestock is raised is appalling, and the means of producing meat consumes a tremendous amount of energy and resources.

Meat substitutes have been available for a long time, but they don’t really cut it with many people’s tastes. One of Canada’s fast food chains has a big hit with a burger that’s called “Beyond Meat.” It’s easily the best meat substitute I’ve ever tried, but still doesn’t quite hit the mark.

All of these issues can be solved by switching to shmeat. Shmeat, which is more marketable (but less fun to say) under the name of “cultured meat,” is meat grown on a sheet (get it?) in the same way that many types of cells are already grown in a Petri dish in the laboratory.

(Sure, some of you are going “ewwww, gross” right now. “That’s unnatural.” To you I say: there was once a time when blood transfusions and organ transplants got the same response from many. Also, you’re reading these words on the internet, and how natural is that?)

My bold prediction for Uranus in Taurus is that shmeat, although still pretty experimental and expensive to produce now, will be commonly available to the consumer before Uranus leaves Taurus. So check back with me here in April 2026 and see if I was right!

In the meantime: I’m hungry and it looks like I have to settle for a lousy salad.

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